Snow and ice management

We are on call 24/7 during any snowstorm and are quick to act on the winter weather. 

From snow shoveling steps and snow blowing sidewalks to snow plowing entire parking lots, our services can benefit any business affected by a winter storm.

Hank's snow management services are always tracking incoming storm events 72 hours out, we monitor the local TV weather, the National Weather service and computer radar because we know that being alert and preparing our equipment in advance, your property and parking lots will be clear and safe for your customers, clients and others who visit your site.

Winter can be a liability for any business and by removing the snow and melting the ice, it provides a lower risk environment for; you, your staff, and your customers.

We manage all types of winter conditions in order to maintain your business continuity, because most property owners and managers look at snow management as an occasional nuisance and is not a "daily maintenance" issue.

Very little time, if any, is given to finding the best way to manage snow and ice. 

We offer a wide range of snow management services that include: snow plowing, ice control, sidewalk shoveling, parking lot and snow plowing which is key to keeping walkways, sidewalks and steps clear from ice and snow which in turn insures safe passage for both employees and visitors.